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Your best connection to the Cloud

Imagine what you could do with one of the fastest, most reliable Internet connections available in the Midwest! With 5NINES MicroNet, that’s exactly what you get—point-to-point wireless connectivity at speeds up to 50 times faster than T1, cable and DSL!

MicroNet is our broadband wireless microwave network that connects local businesses directly to our CloudCenter, which boasts multiple and diverse Gigabit connection paths to the Internet. MicroNet’s huge bandwidth also enables direct, secure access to 5NINES Cloud services such as DataSafe backup and VoIP. All this at a fraction of current landline costs!

5NINES offers a gigabit internet service

5NINES is the most connected Internet Service Provider in Madison. In addition to MicroNet, businesses can connect via T1s and Metro Ethernet fiber to our carrier-neutral CloudCenter, where we offer the choice of 18 different carriers. 

Internet Access

We provide Internet access in gigabit transferred or burstable pricing models so our customers have flexibility to pay for only what they use. Bandwidth for burstable Internet access is priced in 1 Mbps increments. Billing for burstable internet access is based on the 95th percentile usage model with traffic sample is taken every minute. Our customers enjoy amazing speed and pinpoint pricing.

T1, DS3 and MPLS Carrier Circuits

A tried and true approach to reliable connectivity, 5NINES provides the most reliable connectivity by incorporating T1 and DS3 services from the widest variety of carriers providing you with the best options and pricing. 5NINES Managed T1 and DS3 services from multiple carriers provides you with bandwidth over a non-shared, non-fractional leased line at a flat rate. 24/7 customer support is available, with Service Level Guarantees.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Today's fast-changing business environment demands network connectivity between everyone in the company, even if they are located in remote offices. Using the Internet—rather than dedicated private lines or frame relay offers significant cost savings but risks information being read by unauthorized users. The most common solution to this problem is to implement a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between remote locations to provide secure, private communications between each location, using inexpensive Internet links to connect them.

We  also provide VPN services for our customers needing access to resources (servers, etc) at the datacenter or within our network. We offer VPN services for Windows, Linux and Apple (Mac) client computers.

SmartSpace: Multi-Tenant Internet Service

99.999% performance over the past five years and managed QoS (Quality of Service) are what set the 5NINES Internet Service apart from it competitors. We deliver our business level Internet service to your multi-tenant building, and also offer professional network installation, management, and ongoing support services to give your tenants a level of service that is unique in this market.

Free 4G Internet Access in Madison

Using 4G cellular technology coupled with souped-up WIFI access points, 5NINES now delivers nomadic and mobile connectivity around the downtown area, supported by network backbones that the company has been deploying and scaling since 2006.

To Apply for access to 5NINES Free Wi-Fi
1. Send in a request by filling out the contact form below.
2. Fill out a quick questionaire about your business and internet needs.
3. Pick up your router from 5NINES Downtown! Office

Place the router near a window, and turn it on. It will start broadcasting a WIFI network signal, which users can then join with their WIFI-enable devices.


A one-time fee of $150 for the router will be charged to businesses and a $75 fee applies to non-profits. There is no monthly access fee, usage fees, or anything that typical wireless carriers charge.

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