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We're problem solvers

We're a results focused business and technology consulting company. 
Each client project presents a unique set of challenges that we meet head–on
with our customized solutions approach that helps customers identify and
prioritize opportunities, address critical challenges and enable them to achieve
sustainable competitive advantage.

5NINES has worked with Midwest technology startups, services organizations,
and Fortune 500 companies in areas ranging from general business and project management, to market analysis.
Our consulting engagements have covered:

  • Business Process Consulting to assist management and key stakeholders to develop and execute workflow and process maps, conduct gap analysis and provide solution recommendations. A more effective business process leads to overall cost savings and creating long term value (e.g., mapping information and document flow at a bank to develop and implement a collaborative intranet platform).
  • IT Strategic Planning and Technology Assessments that include Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis, cost of ownership analysis, impact analysis, product comparisons, RFP and proposal development (e.g., technology and vendor selection for telephony project, ROI analysis for multi-site deployment of cloud infrastructure and services).
  • Solution Selection & Implementation: Starting with a general understanding of your business and the users, 5NINES will assist you in selecting, procuring, and implementing strategies to address user, business, or regulatory  requirements. (e.g., sales and business requirements assessment to guide CRM technology selection).

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