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SmartNetworks is tailored to fit your needs

5NINES takes over the burden of infrastructure support and management which allows you to focus on your core business. Our Network Support services are fully customizable, versatile, and designed to maximize systems availability.

5NINES offers network management services tailored to fit your business needs. Packages include server or network monitoring, management and security tools, formal reports, dedicated technicians and much more. 5NINES is where the high capacity fiber networks of the area converge, and where you can access the resources to make all your business connections, whether it’s the public Internet or private network joining your company locations.

SmartNetworks packages include:

  • Direct access to multiple regional and national carriers allows 5NINES to provide the best circuit types, from the most cost effective carriers when designing your network.
  • Custom designed solutions to meet your specific communication needs, to support data, voice and video.
  • Custom Wireless circuits for cost effective and highest performance transport from 5Mb to Gb speeds.
  • Proactive Monitoring and support 24X7 to provide reliable and productive data, voice and video communications.

If you have a mission critical network that must be and running 24X7, no exceptions, 5Nines network specialists can design a configuration that includes total service redundancy. If any one network component fails, another component will take up the task automatically, until the failed device can be repaired or replaced. At 5Nines, we designed “mission critical” redundancy into our own data Center network, to provide our 99.999% uptime guarantee.

24/7 Monitoring and Service Level Agreements

5NINES can leverage extensive and integrated tool sets for monitoring, alerting, helpdesk, configuration, asset management, and reporting. Automation between systems are utilized to maximize proficiency and reduce costs. Service and contract reviews are regularly scheduled and facilitated with customized reporting so that clients can control the process, identify value, and make modifications to service levels and contract costs as necessary.

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