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DataSafe provides unrivaled protection

Your data is your most valuable business asset. Let 5NINES protect your company from costly downtime and disaster with DataSafe.

5NINES is equipped to be a lifeline to your business during a disastrous event. We're proud to offer the safety and security of three independent Backup Storage Sites: Madison WI, Milwaukee WI, and Watersmeet MI.

Let our Data Center in Madison be your primary or secondary data location. Our systems boast High bandwidth networking to our IT Disaster Recovery Site in Milwaukee that allows you to host replicated data and systems that are accessible at a moment’s notice—thus minimizing or eliminating downtime. Our Backup Storage Site in Watersmeet, Michigan provides the third third level of data storage and backup redundancy. This three tier system provides you with the highest level of data security and accessibility.

5NINES also hosts Business Continuity Recovery Sites in Madison and Milwaukee that are equipped with desks, phones, and computers—everything you need to temporarily run your business after a disaster.

DataSafe is designed to adapt to your company's specific risk management needs. We customize data protection plans that are high performance, affordable, and adaptable to any size business.

  • Turnkey appliances and technology for rapid recovery from virtually any system to a desired point in time.
  • Recover critical data, operation systems, apps, settings and passwords—quickly & reliably!
  • Integrated, turnkey solution for data and system protection
  • Provides disk-to-disk, high-speed data backup and recovery
  • Off-site electronic vaulting and automated systems recovery
  • Breakthrough price and performance for small to mid-size businesses
  • Over 24 operating systems supported with a single user interface


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