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DataSafe email protection

Email is a key tool for communication amongst customers, co-workers, friends and family.  5NINES manages an array of email hosting solutions including hosted Exchange mail as well as a Barracuda virus and spam firewall server that protects incoming and outgoing customer emails.

Using dual layer virus blocking, decompression of archives and file type blocking, the anti-virus engine in the 5Nines Spam Firewall provides comprehensive protection against the most current email-borne threats that can cripple your network if left unprotected. The algorithms and methods used are the most comprehensive and most advanced in the industry at detecting and filtering spam resulting in the lowest rate of false positives.

In addition to the Spam Firewall’s automated features it also contains numerous end-user controls that allow for individual tuning greatly enhancing the accuracy of our spam filtering. We can configure the Spam Firewall to allow you to have control over your own allow and block lists, and set up quarantine mailboxes where you can direct questionable email for later review.

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