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DataSafe security

Managing your workflow, customers and employees is your job. Protecting your networks and data is ours.  5NINES offers several  tools and services to ensure top security.

O/S Updates and Security Patches
5NINES provides comprehensive Microsoft and Red Hat Linux update and Security patch services. RedHat Linux customers are subscribed to the Red Hat network at the Enterprise level. Microsoft customers are configured with Windows Update, which is monitored and managed centrally by our Information Security team. General release patches are applied using a customer defined maintenance window. Security updates are typically tested and installed within 8-20 hours of their release from Microsoft or RedHat. Customer Maintenance windows can be updated at any time by the customer. Our Information Security team monitors Cert advisories, SANS advisories, Slashdot, Microsoft TechNet and other operating system watchdog services.

Network Based IDS
5NINES can offer Network Based Intrusion Detection System monitoring for suspicious traffic. The system monitors  individual packets as they cross a network and looks for suspicious traffic based on certain signatures. When a network event is captured, our Information Security Team is automatically alerted. This system is also monitored by our NOC staff  to watch for abnormal trends in network traffic.

Host Based IDS
Our Host Based IDS solution provides automated, real-time intrusion monitoring, detection, and protection by analyzing events, host logs, and inbound and outbound network activity on critical  enterprise servers to block malicious activity from damaging critical assets. Host Based IDS protects the Linux and Windows operating systems by preventing attackers from exploiting operating system and application vulnerabilities through log audit analysis, monitoring, locking and the baseline of files for system integrity, connection blocking for unused ports/services, and identification of  vulnerabilities.

SSL Certificates
5NINES ensures the security of your data by providing SSL certificates. They include true 128/256–bit encryption and a 99% browser recognition rate. We recommend them for email systems.

Security Checkup
Courtesy of our partners at Check point, we offer Security Checkups. These Security Checkups provide insights into the inner workings of your organization's network, collecting information without impacting performance. We will provide you a report summarizing findings, including an analysis of steps you can take to address any discovered issues. For more information, please contact our sales team at 608-512-1027.

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