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5NINES provides high-performing, reliable, and redundant internet to businesses, apartment and condo buildings throughout the Madison area.  Our data center has been providing colocation services for almost 20 years!

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Internet Reality: Internet is Shared

Your Internet performance depends on who you are sharing it with. The speed advertised by most Internet Service Providers (ISP) is a “theoretical” peak speed and only possible if you are the only one using the Internet from your ISP, which today is extremely unlikely. In the end, you may be paying for a theory.

5NINES Reality: Engineered ISP

It is very difficult to determine in advance what your precise Internet access speed will be, there are just too many variables, but one thing is absolutely certain: you will never enjoy the theoretical peak speed. That is why at 5NINES we don’t advertise THEORETICAL speeds. We advertise ACTUAL speeds, which is a speed that you are likely to enjoy when you are our customer. We “engineer” our ISP so that the actual speeds are obtainable and desirable. We do this by engineering the whole link, so that advertised speeds match experienced speeds, and you pay for reality.


Connect with your customers, partners and vendors from different locations all at one place. Our Data Center offers a variety of ways for your business to grow and adjust to changing markets. 

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