5NINES is excited to announce 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Internet service. The lightningfast Internet speed of 10 Gbps was possible due to a recent upgrade in our Madison and Milwaukee data centers. This gives our Internet customers the ability to transmit 100% more data and enjoy improved videoconferencing, streaming and data replication. Our business and residential customers are now able to extend their bandwidth and network capacity with 5NINES 10 Gbps technology.  


  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds. Send your data at the speed of light!   
  • Fast streaming and videoconferencing on all devices! Connect several devices simultaneously!  
  • Increased capacity and operation. Fast system updates, uploading large files to the cloud and running multiple Internet-based apps in just few minutes not hours!  
  • Secure connection and 24/7 network monitoring   
  • Live-staff support! Call or email your local expert  
  • Redundant and reliable connectivity with 99.999% uptime guarantee  

Based on your building’s current infrastructure, we’re offering up to 1 Gbps Internet service to residential buildings in Madison. If you’re looking to upgrade your network with the fastest and the most reliable 10 or 1 Gbps Internet, contact us at inquiry@5nines.com and schedule your free consultation with our experts.