At 5NINES we have a tradition. Every year we have artwork created based on the theme of the year. This year’s theme is “Connecting Your World”. We are excited to share what the artwork looks like!



The enclosed poster is a hand-made, limited edition (1 of 350) screenprint. This year’s
theme, ‘Connecting Your World’ depicts several areas of daily life influenced by technology:
accessibility of news and information, health tracking, travel and global communication,
the workplace, delivery of goods and services, entertainment and even love and family
connection. As technology continues to impact so many areas of your life, 5NINES will be
there to help Connect Your World and make technology work for you.

“Connecting your World’ was illustrated by Jennifer Green. Since 2002, her independent
studio—shu shu design—has helped business and non-profit clients elevate their brands
and improve the customer experience with revitalized identity, web, print communication
and package design. Jennifer loves working with local companies who make a difference
in their communities.
‘Connecting Your World’ was silk-screened by Screen Door Studio in Madison, WI.

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