Another ransomware attack was released Friday and is affecting businesses and individuals worldwide. The “WannaCry” malware is being spread through a vulnerability in outdated Microsoft Windows software like Windows XP. ¬†The “WannaCry” is a cryptolocker type malware meaning it comes with an encryption package that can automatically download to an infected computer. Resulting in the machine’s files to be locked up and the user is forced to pay anywhere from $300-$500 to unlock the files. Experts fear that more computers and systems will be hit today (Monday) as workers return to the office.

To keep yourself safe from this or any malware, follow a few simple steps.

  1. Keep your machine up to date by installing all patches that are released
  2. Do not open or click on an email link from an unknown source
  3. Notify your IT team the minute you realize you may have been affected.

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