It’s not just about speed!

Yes, 5NINES can offer you high speed internet up to 1 Gigabit, just like the other bigger providers, but we’re not interested in bamboozling you with “Speed” marketing. Most normal internet users only need 10 to 25 Megabit internet service. If you provide quality performance based internet like 5NINES that’s plenty of bandwidth for web browsing, news reading, online shopping, and video streaming.

Equally important as “Speed” is “Latency” and “Availability”. Most users are fed up with their internet service providers because of these factors. Some providers don’t build and manage their networks well, so the have lots of downtime, which means you can’t get to the Internet- bad “Availability”. They also don’t interoperate well with other providers such that there are large “delays” and “lags” when users try to go to websites and get content from streaming providers- bad “Latency”. 5NINES prides itself (and our customers recognize this) on network build and management that achieves the lowest “Latency” and highest “Availability”.

Finally, 5NINES has a talented staff and is a local small business that gives excellent “People Focused” customer service and flexible service packages. We don’t hide our real pricing in product bundles and allow you to switch packages and activate and deactivate service easily and quickly.

Locally Grown & Locally Owned Internet

Connecting your World

The success of your business and personal life depends on your connections– to the cloud, to your data, to the world. 5NINES makes it possible for you to connect to and between all of them. We offer both traditional fiber and microwave internet options for businesses and multi-tenant residential buildings. 


  • Internet access speeds of 100Mbps
  • Private and encrypted local network circuits
  • Scalable to meet demand as your comany grows
  • Carrier neutral- You choose your Carrier!
  • Direct connection to our Tier 3 Data Center
  • Expert Network Design
  • Symmetrical Connection Speeds

Traditional Fiber

  • Internet access speeds to 100Mbps scalable to meet demand as your company grows
  • Direct access to regional and national fiber networks
  • Scalable to meet demand as your company grows
  • Carrier Neutral- You Choose your Carrier!
  • Point to point fiber based connectivity
  • Symmetrical connection speeds
  • Free site evaluation

Residential Internet

5NINES now offers multi-tenant unit (MTU) residents lightning fast internet connections. You could be enjoying high-speed internet, starting at as dedicated 10 Mbps with options to upgrade! Enterprise level service straight to your door.

Other Provider’s

The other providers’ slow connections speeds during peak usage times.

5NINES Internet

With Symmetrical Up/Down speeds, you never have to worry about slowing connections during peak usage times.

Carriers to choose from:






Midwest Fiber Network


Century Link


Wisconsin Independent Networks


Hurricane Electric


US Signal




Merrimac Communications

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