5NINES 4g Wi-Fi

Using 4g cellular technology coupled with souped-up Wi-Fi access points, 5NINES now delivers nomadic and mobile connectivity around the downtown area, supported by network backbones that the company has been deploying and scaling since 2006.  Pricing is annual via credit card.

Local Area Non-Profits


Local Area Businesses


Our mobile internet service includes:

4G mobile hotspot router

No monthly access fees

No usage fee

How to Apply

Interested in 5NINES Mobile Internet for your business or non-profit? Follow the four easy steps below:
1. Click the “Get Connected” button below.
2. Fill out a brief questionnaire about your business & internet needs.
3. Once approved*, pick up your router from the 5NINES main office!
4. Place the router near a window, and turn it on. It will start broadcasting a Wi-Fi network signal, which users** can then join with their Wi-Fi enabled devices.

*Not all companies will qualify. Routers will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. The intention of 5NINES free 4G broadband service is to help businesses offer a separate Wi-Fi Internet service to their clientele.

**This free service is not meant to replace your primary business Internet service, but 5NINES can help you with this as well. Use the comment section of your application to find out how 5NINES can help secure your business data and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

Satisfy customers and residents with fast, reliable WiFi




(608) 512 1000


316 West Washington, Suite 600

Madison, WI 53703

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