Website Development

5NINES specializes in designing websites and website features using bootstrapped tools, so our development costs are just about as low as they get. We want to be your baseline for comparison — take a look through our rates and methodologies, then contact us to discuss prices and timeframes with an experienced developer.

Have a big project?

Existing 5NINES clients, and new clients needing more than 80 hours of our time, take advantage of our lowest rate.


Per hour

Need a small fix?

Our techs are ready to hop into any website and fix whatever it is your visitors are, or are not, supposed to see.


Per hour

Just need advice?

Our engineers are ready to discuss a wide range of web hosting and development topics. We’re ready to talk anytime.


Per hour

These companies added 5NINES to their website team.

Modern designs focus on simplicity and responsivity, so don’t bother budgeting for a full-scale makeover.

5NINES helped these companies move fast and cut costs. We use DIY tools to rapidly build a site that naturally fits a modern design around your content. The tools we use are baked into your website, so you can collaborate with us, or take over, at any point.

Have a design, but need help getting it online? 5NINES will setup your hosted space and hand you the reigns to a prepackaged CMS. We’ll guide you through technical hurdles, and cutover your site to production once you’ve applied the finishing touches.

Yes, we can help with that.

“I have a CMS, but I need help…”

Already have a design, but don’t know how to get started online? 5NINES will setup your website and hand over the reigns.


Changing to a new host, or have a new site that needs to go live? 5NINES will migrate your website to its new location.


Is your website missing features? 5NINES will find and install the plugins that fulfill your requirements.

“I have a design, but it needs to be…”

Does your design feel dated? 5NINES will move you to a modern theme on an updated CMS.


Does your site perform poorly on mobile devices? 5NINES will move you to a modern theme on an updated CMS, then we’ll add responsivity to your site using built-in tools.


Is your website converting every opportunity? Not sure where to find these numbers? 5NINES will help you track your Search Engine Optimization, Conversion rates and in-page analytics.

“I have an idea, but I need a developer to code the…”
Web Application

A Web App serves a unique, and often proprietary, purpose. 5NINES builds Web Apps off of bootstrapped tools to get your idea into production as fast as possible.


Need to extend your website with a feature that does not exist anywhere else? 5NINES will code the extension ourselves and install it to your website.


Need to connect your website to external sources? 5NINES will integrate your website with their API, or design your custom API starting from bootstrapped code.

Did we miss something? We’ve been doing this for quite some time, so the odds are that we can also help with your question.

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