Market with your Wi-Fi hotspot

Using 5NINES Free Wi-Fi, create landing pages to promote events, generate leads and provide added value to your sponsors.

Monetize your Website

Let 5NINES guide you through the setup and management of your site’s online advertising operations to monetize your website.

Captive Portal Wi-Fi Hotspot

5NINES now delivers a Wi-Fi marketing solution along with its nomadic and mobile connectivity for downtown Madison-area businesses and non-profits. The Captive Portal utilizes 4G modems to bring wireless hotspots into your venue and gives you flexibility on its placement in your establishment. The social sign in feature allows you to connect with your customers in real time and reconnect with them after they’ve left your venue.

Customize your landing pages to promote events, generate leads, provide added value to your sponsors and drive revenue.

Research & Development

5NINES is working in tandem with UW Madison WiNGS research lab to build cutting edge technology.


The 5NINES Captive Portal boasts a 25% conversion rate from  its login forms.



Customizable landing pages allow you to create a unique message & update it as needed on your schedule.


Reach your customers in real time.


Showcase upcoming events or specials.


Gain leads for your business.


Starting at


per month

Captive Portal features:

Admin Access

Customizable Landing Pages

Website Anayltics

Technical Support

Data Capture

Retargeting Capabilities

Reach your customers

Our Captive Portal web application allows you to communicate with your customers in real time! Start that conversation in-store and continue it afterwards with email follow-ups and online retargeting.

Update your content

There’s no need to wait when you have an upcoming event you want to showcase.  Dive right into the administrative panel of your Captive Portal and get to work. 5NINES provides the tools to empower your creativity, allowing you to update content on your Captive Portal landing pages.

Track statistics

5NINES utilizes Google Analytics on each Captive Portal site to track data. On the Captive Portal administrative dashboard, you’ll be able to see trends displayed in an easy-to-view graph.

Interested in giving it a test run? Sign up below for a free 30-day trial.

Customer Engagement & Website Monetization

You’ve written and produced great content for your site. Your SEM strategy is working. You’ve got great traffic to your site, but are you missing something?

Learn the benefits of adding advertising inventory to your website. Monetize your display, video and mobile/app content and/or provide added value to your sponsors.

Let 5NINES guide you through the set up and management of your site’s online advertising operations.

We can help with:

Ad Server Implementation

Campaign Management

Driving Revenue

Technical Support

Ad Ops Consulting

Retargeting Capabilities

Customer Love

“I’m really impressed with your clear and thorough documentation- the SOW, Service Agreement, and Support Services documents lay out in plain language what we can expect, and they create a positive foundation for a smooth business relationship going forward.  That’s no small thing, and I think it reflects very well thought out preparation and a first class operation at 5Nines.”

Dave Waterman

Sovereign Apartments

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