Your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a lot to do with your overall Internet Experience. Usually, providers focus on advertising high-speed Internet connection.  Yet, there are many other factors affecting the overall broadband performance. Equally important as “Speed” is “Latency”, “Availability”, “Symmetry” and “Oversubscription Rate”. When selecting your Internet provider, consider these main factors: 


Latency is a time delay between moment the message was sent and received. Lower latency is better. For gaming, audio and video streaming services ideal would be low latency network. You will experience minimum or no delay or lag between your action and its result on your display 


Some internet service providers don’t manage their networks wellmeaning their users experience lot of downtime. high availability for internet connection means a provider conducts regular network monitoring and testing to address any disruption that can stop users from accessing the Internet.  


A symmetrical internet connection offers the same download and upload speedsE.g., if you use 100Mbps symmetrical speed internet service, you can upload and download at 100Mbps. For businesses that transfer large amount of data symmetrical upload and download speeds are critical. If you work with large data files you want to minimize the time between downloading and uploading files for you internal and external users.   

Oversubscription Rate 

Some providers buy a big pipe to the Internet, and then, they try to resell it to as many subscribers as possible. Usually selling way more access than they can deliver. The more subscribers they have, the more money they will make, and the more likely their customers will have poor network response. The amount of overpacking is called “over-subscription rate.” ISP over-subscription rates are often in range of 25:1 or 50:1 or even 100:1, which means the ISP is selling 100 times more access bandwidth than they are purchasing in uplink bandwidth. 


Your Internet performance depends on who you are sharing it with. The speed advertised by most ISPs is a “theoretical” peak speed and only possible if you are the only one using the Internet from your ISP, which today is extremely unlikely. In the end, you may be paying for a theory. 

  • Your speed depends on who you are sharing it with. 
  • A peak speed is only possible when you are alone. 
  • Low availability or oversubscription affect the upload and download speeds 


It is very difficult to determine in advance what your precise Internet access speed will be, there are just too many variables, but one thing is absolutely certain: you will never enjoy the theoretical peak speed. That is why at 5NINES we don’t advertise THEORETICAL speeds. We advertise ACTUAL speeds, which is a speed that you are likely to enjoy when you are our customer. We “engineer” our ISP so that the actual speeds are obtainable and desirable. We do this by engineering the whole link, so that advertised speeds match experienced speeds, and you pay for reality. 

5NINES offers an Engineered ISP service with a well understood oversubscription rate. If the amount of subscriber bandwidth sold exceeds a certain amount, 5NINES will augment its uplink bandwidth. This along with our Bandwidth and Congestion Management is our “5NINES Engineered ISP” 

At 5NINES we engineer our ISP that delivers highest AVAILABILITY and lowest LATENCY all daylong! Even if you have an internet connection for your business, call us to talk about our high availability multiply network provider services! 


  • Entire 5NINES WISP network is designed top to bottom for symmetric bandwidth. 
  • 5NINES uses the new and controlled 3.5 GHz frequency range known as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). 
  • Our network is built to achieve the lowest latency and highest availability giving our customers high-performance and redundant Internet with no large delays, lags or downtime 
  • 5NINES doesn’t over-subscribe and offers a fair price for a quality service. 
  • We offer a customized approach to our business and residential clients. 

Overall, the speed is not the only characteristic of a broadband experience. Find a provider who can offer low latency, high availability and symmetrical upload and download speeds while keeping their promise of no-oversubscription.  

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