Connection to the Internet has become an important part of every company’s daily operation. Businesses today rely on cloud-based systems to process payments, communicate with customers, and automate operations. An unplanned outage costs the business on average $5,600 per minute. Diversifying your internet providers and having a secondary internet connection will always allow your business to be productive and available to your clients.  

As a business owner, consider these benefits of having multiple network providers that can help your business succeed and grow:  

Diversify Service Providers

Many businesses rely on major Internet Providers (ISPlike Spectrum or AT&T for their Internet service.  Rather than going to the same line provider, consider having a different provider for your secondary Internet connection instead. If your main provider encounters a major outage, your secondary connection will kick in automatically saving you from unnecessary downtime and data loss.  

Reduce Costly Downtime

The cost of an unplanned outage is devastatingespecially for small and medium-sized businesses. The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute. Where some small and medium-sized businesses lose money and productivity, others have an extended impact on their financial health following a 4-hour downtime. A 24-hour outage of an ISP can be disastrous to a business on its own. This is why having a redundant Internet connection is an essential part of every company’s Business Continuity plan. Having multiple Internet connections eliminates a single point of failure, meaning your business will have a backup connection switch during a major outage. 

Interconenct with Providers in Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis

5NINES connects your business with other providers in Chicago, Milwaukee and MinneapolisAs a result, you get the lowest latency and highest availability all day long.

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