1. Acquire cybersecurity expertise. If you don’t have a chief cybersecurity officer within your organization, plan on hiring cybersecurity services from a vendor specializing in compliance and mitigation.
  2. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for all sensitive data (ie: banking, finance, email, 0365, etc.)
  3. Establish a follow-up phone call policy for two-factor authorization on financial or information requests made via email or chat means.
  4. Provide relevant cybersecurity training for all staff members. Cybersecurity is everyone’s job.
  5. Force company password changes every 90 days or less. Make complex passwords a requirement.
  6. Enforce account lockouts on multiple failed log-in attempts.
  7. Limit employee personal use of company computers especially downloading from the web or installing programs.
  8. Establish security demands into every device, contract, and components of your business and require your vendors to follow through accordingly.
  9. Consider cybersecurity as an opportunity to differentiate your business by prioritizing customer privacy and data protection.
  10. Join theWisconsin Small Business Cybersecurity Initiative. Share the information with your clients, vendors and partners.

At 5NINES we are committed to educate and provide cybersecurity services for small and medium sized companies and the employees there in. As a founding member of the  Wisconsin Small Business Cybersecurity Initiative, we are committed to helping companies assess and harden their cyber environment.  Services include vulnerability assessments, mitigation and ongoing managed services.  Our team will evaluate your documentation, process, training and policy to identify weaknesses and high-risk areas in network, systems, media and physical assets. Customized solutions on how to mitigate vulnerabilities, fix architecture and add highly-trusted CheckPoint hardware will be explained during personal consultation with our specialist. Security expert will also maintain the security procedures and pursue evaluation of your IT needs. The plan is designed to satisfy your company budget and timeline accordingly.

To learn more about 5NINES Cybersecurity service visit our website at https://security.5nines.com