5NINES along with its cyber partners recently sat down with Wisconsin Eye Senior Producer Steve Walter to discuss the growing cybersecurity risks facing WI businesses, including threats from nation-state, criminal gang cyber attacks and intellectual property theft.

According to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2019 Cyber crime now costs an estimated $600bn a year world-wide – up from $445bn in 20142.This compares with a 10-year average economic loss from natural catastrophes of $208bn3 – three times as much. While criminals use more innovative methods to steal data, commit fraud or extort money, there is also a growing cyber threat from nation states and affiliated hacker groups targeting critical infrastructure providers or stealing valuable data or trade secrets from companies.

5NINES is also a founding member of the Wisconsin Small Business Cybersecurity Initiative, launched in Feburary 2019.  This initiative, was created to provide best practices, information and cybersecurity resources to Wisconsin Small Businesses. Learn more – www.wisbcsi.org