Do you currently provide your employees security education?  

Awareness and personnel training are the first step of addressing company’s security concerns. And may also be a control that is required for compliance.

Today, 98% of cyber-attacks rely on social engineering. According to Allianz Risk Barometer 2020 list, data breach or giving access to personal or confidential information is the #1 cause of all cybersecurity incidents which makes 77% of all incidents 

At second place is ransomware (62%), followed by the third — human error (42%). The new trend of spoofing, when cyber-criminal pretends to be a trusted and known source such as senior management or colleague, is becoming a common way to extract login information and steal company money.  

Regular staff information security training and anti-phishing campaigns prove an important tool to decrease the risk of data breach and human error.  At 5NINES we continue educating and training our employees on company cybersecurity with our partner, Infosec. Their online education tools and dashboards are easy to implement and provide easy online education and training for our employees on cyber best practices.  


Infosec has been educating thousands of organizations and over 2.68 million learners on information security awareness and skills training since 2004. Based in Madison, with offices in Chicago and Dulles, Virginia, Infosec provides a comprehensive family of education solutions with role-based training for everyone in an organization. 

Infosec IQ includes 2,000+ awareness resources and phishing simulations, designed to help you:  

  • Prevent data breaches and other security incidents  
  • Meet and track security awareness compliance requirements
  • Save time and money with automated course delivery, management and reporting  

Our Cybersecurity Specialist, Tyler Heggestad, who is currently enrolled at Colorado Technical University’s Cybersecurity program working towards his Bachelors, and holds CompTIA Security+ certification, will guide you through the process of implementing Infosec’s internal phishing simulator campaigns and employee training services. 

Feel free to email Tyler at  with any question or schedule your next consultation with him