5NINES believes in equality, justice and that Black Lives Matter.

A lot has happened over the past few months, as we acclimated to a new way of living and working around COVID-19.  Next up, we need to address, as a nation, our long history of socio-racial short-comings.  As I write this, confederate statues are coming down, syrup bottles are changing names, police are beginning to be held accountable, and people are in the streets demanding change.

As 5NINES, we’d like to do our part.  From this day forward, Juneteenth will be recognized at 5NINES as a holiday.  Until a national holiday is declared, we will make it a floating holiday. This day can be used the week before or after June 19.  Our hope is you will use this holiday to reflect on the importance of social justice, kindness, care of self/others, and taking action to do good in your community.

We also will remember our dear friend Cynthia Cauthern, who taught us about Juneteenth Day in 2018.   For many,  that June 19th Lunch and Learn was our first lesson on the importance, reason, and cause of celebration that is Juneteenth. (read more about the holiday here).  We lost Cynthia last year to suicide.  None of us knew the depths of her mental anguish.  From now on, let’s honor her memory by doing good on Juneteenth.