We Support Local Artists

Supporting the community that 5NINES calls home is important to the company’s owners, all who grew up in and around Madison. Every year 5NINES commissions a local artist to create a themed poster that celebrates technology and the creative process.

5NINES 2019 Poster:

Madison 2059

Illustrated by Alexa Chmura

Alexa Chmura’s digital illustration is this year’s winner. Her artwork evoked the feelings of “time and movement” among our online viewers. The buildings of the Capitol and skyscrapers have digital roots, something we can not imagine our future without. The sun represents Madison’s bright future, rich with opportunities and growth. Our online viewers as well as the 5NINES team connected with the colors, design and meaning behind Alexa’s design.

Alexa’s illustration was screen-printed by Screen Door Studio in Madison, WI. The limited edition prints will be given to our customers and friends as a token of our appreciation and a way to engage the local art community. Follow our future posts about next year’s theme. If you are interested in one of these prints please fill out the form below.

About the Artist: Alexa Chmura is a Marketing Communications Designer and UW-Madison graduate. In her Artist Statement she wrote: “My futuristic, digital art piece represents the future of technology. It sends the message that technology cannot be avoided in the years to come. I used crisp, futuristic colors to set the tone. It is showing the iconic Madison capital building to show the location and setting of the piece.” 

Poster Request Form

This year, 250 limited edition prints were silk-screened by Screen Door Studio.  The priority will be given to 5NINES customers and friends. To request your copy of the print fill the form below and we will contact you if any posters are still available. Please plan to pick up your poster from our office located at 316 West Washington, Suite 600, Madison, WI. If you need your poster shipped we will ask for a small donation that will be forwarded to the local artists community.

Posters from Previous Years

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